Monday, December 05, 2005


I still want to make a rifled rocket-engine launcher like I described in the previous post, but then I realized something...

How do I rifle it? I don't know. As Nate asked "Any ideas how to (easily) rifle a tube?"

Easily is the key word. I don't want to have to have something machined for this - this is just a whim of a project.

What if I put a broadhead arrow that was just a bit bigger than the tube on a cordless drill and ran that up the tube on a slow spin? A 30" arrow would give me 30" of rifling in the tube. That should be more than enough to get the engine spinning. If it works.

That leads me to another issue - the projectile. As it spins up the tube, the rifling is going to be cutting into the sides of the engine...sides that are made of cardboard. And the engine isn't a tight fit anyway, so I may need to widen it.

For that, I think I'd try something I've read about handloaders doing, and thats "paper patching." The idea is to make a thin, discarding sabot out of paper or plastic that can be molded over existing bullets and fired from a gun. It's supposed to improve barrel wear and some other factors. So thats what I want to try - wrap enough paper around the motor to get it started spinning, then have it discard.

So, to the handloaders - what kind of paper do I use?