Tuesday, October 04, 2005

22 Target - I have no self-control

I want to thank everyone who took the time to lend their expertise to my problem. Before I could contemplate it further, the problem has seemingly worked itself out. It's settled. I am a sucker. There is one born every minute, though, so chances are I'm in good company.

I went to my favorite gun store this afternoon on my lunch. I walked in and said hello to the clerk that knows me, and proceeded to check out the rimfire section of the wall from safely behind the counter. He asked what was I looking for today, and I told him - an accurate .22 rifle for target shooting.

He shows me a Marlin 60. "I already have one, and I can shoot better than the rifle." OK, then. He shows me a custom $2000 Sako, just for the fun of it. Bastard. That gun would shoot 50 times better than I am capable of. "Oh, Ok then..." how about a $1700 custom Remington. Sure. How about something less than my monthly take home? There is the EAA biathalon rifle that I was thinking about before. I like it, but I was thinking about other things too...

"Well, we just got these race guns in..."


I had seen the TALO special edition Ruger 10/22's at the SHOT show last year. In fact, one of the reasons I wanted to build a target rifle so badly was because I liked that gun so damned much. A 20" .920 barrel set onto a custom thumbhole laminate target stock. The picture doesn't do it justice. The stock is a lot lighter, the twist in the barrel is subtle and looks great. The receiver is specially numbered too - RRR-01xx. RRR? Yup, the "Ruger Race Rifle," special edition, limited run of 1500 pieces, Mr. Sales guy tells me.

When I saw the guns at SHOT last year, I was told that they would be around the $600 range. Apparently that came down to about the $500 range after all was said and done. So how much was this little gem at my place of patronage? Just over $400.

I pick it up the 14th after my California mandated 10 day cooling off period.

So like I said, I have no freakin' self-control. But I will be proud to take it to the range on the 14th and see what kind of ammo it likes best with the scope my self control failed to allow me not to buy.