Monday, May 16, 2005

Damn, Dirty Hippies - A Liveblog

I should know better. I'm an undergraduate student at a State university - I am going to have to deal with hippies. Dirty, smelly, drugged-out hippies. I accept this, to some degree, as a hazard of attending a large State school in California. OK.

I work at a California Community College. Usually, the community colleges don't see many hippies. Sometimes we get the really slooooow hippies, the ones who would have gone to Berkeley if they hadn't flunked high school, so they come here. Those numbers are relatively small. There aren't many of them, thank god.

But then, today happened...

Hippies. Everywhere, as far as the eye can see, there are damn smelly hippies. I don't know why - it isn't some important hippy holiday, is it? Did Jane Fonda flash in public thirty years ago, today? Is that what this is about? Maybe the anniversary of Kerry tossing his medals? No?

Whatever the reason, they're here. I wish I had my camera to document the shabby gloriousness of the hippie masses. On second thought, the flash would probably trip them out of their little hippie minds.

What are they doing now? A drum circle? I thought that was hippie lore, just a figment of hippie imagination fueled by peyote, but, no...I am witnessing it in all of its gloriousness. That marijuana/patchouli scent is overpowering, as is the stench of ill-maintained Birkenstock footbeds - I AT LEAST CLEAN MINE, HIPPIES!

They've spotted me. They're bringing flyers this way. Someone started chanting. No. No, don't come any clos