Monday, May 16, 2005

Minutemen in California

The Minuteman Project has not yet stepped foot on California's soil, and already their effect has been profound.
State Sen. Ray Haynes, R-Riverside, uses the federation's figures to buttress his proposed ballot initiative to create "California Border Police," to assist in patrolling the state's boundary with Mexico. Haynes says the cost of maintaining the separate police force would be recouped by reductions in state spending on services for illegal immigrants.

Schwarzenegger said Thursday that he has not taken a position on Haynes' proposal. But he has spoken up in support of the Minuteman Project, a group of armed volunteers who have patrolled the Arizona-Mexico border. The governor also told newspaper publishers last month that the border with Mexico should be closed, but he quickly retracted the statement and said that he had meant to say the border should be secured.

Our state politicians are actually beginning to consider actions that might be benificial to legal residents of the state, rather than creating more welfare programs for undocumented aliens. Good. It's about time. I knew there was a reason I voted for Arnold. Now, if only President Bush would get serious about it.

Update: Now, Mexico's President Fox is apparently criticizing Americas workplace demographic (including disparaging blacks) and advertising illegal Mexican workers as the most exploitable, cheapest labor in the US. Nice job, Prez...

Update: Confederate Yankee has a great idea how we can seal up the border.