Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back To Work Blues

I'm a government employee, so I had yesterday off. A nice three day weekend that allowed me to go to the range, scout out some guns and parts, take a hike (literally) and play with my dog. It was a much needed break from the tedious bullshit I deal with enveryday. That happens when your clients are a bunch of rich kids with 100ish IQ's, control issues and massive egos.

Sitting in traffic for 83 minutes doesn't help either. Thats just to get 12 miles from my home to my office.

Tonight I'll have a range report for the Benelli Nova Tactical. I ran it thru its paces with thrown and static clays, as well as buckshot and slugs at the indoor range. Sweet shotgun - I'll tell you that right now. Highly recommended to the novice and serious shotgunner alike.

I've started frequenting two pawn shops in my area on the advice of Xavier, and depending on money and if its still there, I may have a find to post about (after my 10 days are up, of course). This weekend I'm hitting a gun show and I expect to be disappointed but we'll see. My AR build is starting to come together and I'll have the lower Monday. Expect detailed project updates.

I also went hunting this weekend. I'm almost too embarassed to post the results, but I will, maybe tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend/day/night/last 3 hours.