Sunday, May 15, 2005

Who the hell?!?!

So, who is this "South Park Pundit" guy?

He's a beer swilling sports fan. NOT LIGHT BEER!

He's a gun owner and unapolagetic about it.

He's a political junkie, much to the derision of his co-workers.

He's a graduate of San Diego State University.

He plays a variety of sports most people don't know about...

He plays poker, and he plays it well...if by well he means he breaks even more often than not.

He is feared and revered equally by things that go bump in the night.

He has a tendency to talk in the third person.

He once swam in a school of hungry sharks and lived to tell about it. Really.

He's wise beyond his years and knows it.

He can't believe he's paying for a college "education"...

He longs for the days of Dodge City...or at least a zombie test his mettle.

His name is Josh.

He is a hiker and a backpacker who loves the outdoors but doesn't hug trees.

He wants to hunt wild boar...with a knife...and a loincloth...and a .30-06 in a Jeep.

He has hunted men, and men have hunted him. They shot it out...with 6mm plastic bb death!

He is an unashamed and unabashed "neo-con" bastard.

He is the very definition of a South Park conservative.

He is pro-choice.

He thinks the "gummint" ought to stay out of the bedroom, so gay marriage - eh, go ahead.

He is a closet atheist who has had numerous strangers, girlfriends and friends try to convert him to various (weird) religious thingees.

He likes guns, big and small and many.

He likes the occasional cigar, and definately not the cheap kind.

If he could be any person alive during the past 200 years, he'd be Doc Holliday.

He can't sing or dance, but after a few beers he thinks he can!

He lives, by an odd coincidence, in the South Park area of San Diego. (*Not anymore!)

He wants you to read his blog.

He wants you to leave comments. Lots of them.

He says leave more comments. MORE!

He wishes you a good day, and thanks you for stopping by.